• Little Pianist Explore: Level 1

What Will I Learn?

  • Explore piano the fun, simple way at a young age!
  • Learn Note C,D,E,F,G
  • Learn About Crotchet, Minim and Semibreve!
  • Interactive quiz and songs

Topics for this course

309 Lessons03h

Charming Charlie Cat

Charlie Charming Cat – Introduction03:00
Sing Good Morning/Good Afternoon Song30:00
The Piano Keyboard30:00
Finger Song00:05
Finger Trace00:05
Learn: Mr Treble Clef00:05
Learn: Crotchet Note00:05
Sing: Crotchet Note00:30
Clap: Crotchet Note05:05
Note C- Meet Charming Charlie Cat00:05
Introduction Note C on Keyboard00:10
Find Note C00:10
Play Note C00:10
Warm Up Song30:00
Piano Playing Rules00:05
Piano Playing00:05
Charming Charlie Cat Song Intro15:00
Charming Charlie Cat Song – Very Slow0:55
Charming Charlie Cat Song – Slow0:42
Charming Charlie Cat Song – Medium0:29
Charming Charlie Cat Song – Fast0:24
Circle Note C00:20
Trace Crotchet C00:10
Find Crotchet C00:15
Where Is Note C?00:15
Goodbye Song00:48

Dance Daffy Duck

Elmo Elf Plays E

Enchanting Elmo Elf

Hot Cross Buns

Au Clair De La Lune

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Fun Fenny Fish

Baby Shark

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Material Includes

  • Printables required.
  • Refer to Resource Tab to download & print before each lesson starts.

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  • A Keyboard /Piano /Piano keyboard App
  • -A laptop / computer
  • -A table top and chair (for proper playing posture)
  • -Mom / Dad / Sibling/ Guardian to join in the fun!



Target Audience

  • Minimum ages 3 years old and above. Complete beginner without any prior piano knowledge.