LMS Audio Autoplay Tutorial

Due to the Browser Policy, some browsers cannot auto play the audio in the website. There are two browsers which have to set the autoplay setting: Safari and Google Chrome.

A. Safari Browser Autoplay Setting

First of all, open the LMS website with Safari browser then select Safari menu in the upper left of the screen, then select Preferences.

After that a setting pop up will be opened

On the menu selection above, select Websites and then choose Auto-Play settings.

Choose Allow All Auto Play for the LMS website.

Make sure to also set to: Allow All Auto Play for When Visiting other websites settings.

After the setting is already set, refresh the browser and the audio should be auto played properly.

B. Google Chrome Browser Autoplay Setting

In Google Chrome browser, open menu and then choose Settings.

After that scroll down and choose Site Settings under Privacy and Security

In the Site Setting, scroll down and find Sound setting

Then select Add for Allow sites

Input the Site name and then choose Add, after that restart the browser and enter the site.